Wire mesh belt 不锈钢链条网带

Wire mesh belt 不锈钢链条网带

   Wire mesh belt 不锈钢链条网带(www.fq56.cn)。

   The chain belt is made by adding chain and lateral support rod on both sides of the conveyor belt. The sprocket drive and the wide band fixation of the belt do not deform. Adjust different pitch, can install different forms of chain, easy installation of belt accessories, such as bezels, flanks. The net surface is flat, can carry heavy pressure and tension, ventilation and permeability is good, energy-saving and environmental protection, net surface is clean and non-toxic, and easy to clean, maintenance and disassembly is very convenient, chain-type mesh belt is widely used in food quick-freezing, vegetable sand removal, Cleaning, sterilization, pre-cooking, baking, drying, electronic industry production lines.

The customer orders the data required for the chain belt

1, the material for the mesh belt

2, the pitch material model

3 for the chain with the net belt, the diameter of the supporting shaft, the material width, the spacing of the shaft, and the spacing of the supporting shaft.

4.The material of a mesh tape. The pitch of the mesh tape is

5. The chain belt can have a bezel with a transverse bezel.


1        网带的材质

2        网带的链条的节距 材质 型号

3        支轴的直径 材质 宽度  支轴的间距

4        网带的丝径 绕丝的丝径 穿丝的丝径 网带的材质  网带的节距 螺距

5        链条网带可以带挡边 横挡板

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